Friday, May 21, 2010

A WARNING for FaceBook

We are warning facebook not to attack the spirit of Islam. If it continues, a Muslim flood will come  and rampage the whole propaganda launched by Facebook in conjunction with Jews, European Extremists and Agents of RAW.


Muhammad (PBUH) is the spirit of Islam (Rooh-e-Islam). He is the center of Iman and Faith. We, the Muslims, warn the blasphemous westerners not to play with our feelings and emotions otherwise, the Spirit of Islam inspires in us a PASSION which is colossal enough to terminate the blasphemous westerner and their allies.

Oh, Falsified Westerners, you are being blasphemous in the name of FREE SPEECH and Expression. Where are the international laws made by your own brains? These laws dictate all the nations and religions not to blaspheme any great historical personality. And let me remind you! Who can be greater than Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) who laid foundations for the laws and principles on which you made progress. Where could you have found better source than the one you found in legacy from the Muslims?

If expression of speech is your concern, why don't you first try that to the President of America, why don't you first blemish your own father, why don't you first curse your religion before you attach another's.

We, the Muslims warn you ...


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