Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NEO is a Language and Educational Enterprise, established in 1997. It is a group of three professionally-trained and experienced teachers. NEO provides quality linguistic services at the door step of an individual, a firm or a school. The learners of English have to face many problems in Pakistan. There are many teachers and workers in schools, factories, firms and hospitals where they can't study English properly because they don't have either time to attend far-off classes or enough money to acquire this language.

Now, NEO makes learning possible in a group environment where students save both time and money and learn more. The enterprise aims to teach language skills such as Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking to both the students and teachers who might lack sufficient linguistic competency in their life. The prime objective of the enterprise is to develop communicative abilities in the students and provide quality language services in challenging context of present scientific, technological and practical world. Our mission is to build a nation with linguistically-trained human beings functionally effectively in society. We achieve this goal by humanizing our courses.

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