Sunday, May 30, 2010

Self-Questions and Success

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."
 -Albert Einstein


Questions guide us in all that we do. Some questions we ask to ourselves; some to others. We always question ourselves when something good or bad happens to us. For example, if something bad happends to us, we question ourselves as. ‘What wrong have I do?’ or ‘What’s my fault?’. If you go on asking questions like that, you are going to have a big trouble.
The Big Trouble

The big trouble is that you will keep on asking yourselves the same questions all life and your life will never change unless you change your way of asking questions to yourself. You need questions which can uplift and guide you to a better way of life. Questions such as:

What can I learn from this?
How have I benefitted from this so far?
Who else has benefitted from this?
What conditions allowed this situation? 
And then:
Am I ready for a different situation?
What do I want to bring into my life?
What can I do now to change this? 
The process of Success through Questions

Now you need a meditation or a silent place or a self-engrossment where you can ask the above questions and visualize yourself in different troubling situations and find their solutions in imagination. Don’t doubt the power of imagination, it will transform you and your beliefs and it will give you tremendous ideas about your being. Once you find yourself in problem and ask questions and then visualize how you solve the problem, you have started to learn how to solve the problems in real life. Don’t doubt that simple imagination is different from the world. No, once you imagine, or visualize, you brain trigger your body and behavior in the same way as you visualized the problem before the problem occurred. You will not normally behave in a difficult situation but different and according to the visualization that took place in your brain.

Regular Meditation

What are the questions that I must ask myself regularly so that my excitement and emotions don’t go low. The following is a list of those questions:

What excites me about today?
What do I want?
How can I share my gifts now?
What can I learn here?
How can I realize more meaning in my life?
What is worthy of my attention?
What is the most empowering thing I can do or say right now?
What can I contribute to this situation?
What can I give today? ... and what else?
What's funny about this?
What am I grateful for?
How can we move forward?
What brings me joy in that experience?
How did I make a difference today?
What are the thoughts and things that make you happy?
How can I leave this place more beautiful than I found it?
Can I laugh now?
What is my Truth about this issue?
How can I/we be empowered? What is the question?
Am I ready to receive the gifts of the Universe?
How does God see this?
Who am I?

Questions like the above can transform your life significantly. Remember, it is the question, not the answer that matters. It’s the journey, not the destination that matters and it is the problem, not the solution that matters….because solution lies with the question!

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