Sunday, June 27, 2010

Aldous Huxley's DESERT

Main Discussion in the Essay  
The inner light of man is like the boundless space. Silence and emptiness are the symbols of divine presence everywhere. Human inner soul is like boundlessness or infinite space. It has no boundaries. The inner light is so attacked to or penetrated into human beings that you cannot either hold it nor be freed from it. It is always there. Human beings are interactive; but their light and inner soul is silent and hidden and functions secretly. Silence is like emptiness and space and is a natural symbol of divinity. In old religions, silence was a symbol of divine imperishability.
Old religions believed that God was close to the speakers; but open and interactive to the silence observers. Silence has therapeutical value. The dessert of silence is the symbol of divine immanence and emptiness has a spiritual meaning.  Desert and Emptiness are symbols used of God and Satan at the same time. Deserts are notoriously known for evils spirits and deadly sins. This shows that if is the symbol of God’s immanence; it is also the symbol of Satan rule. Paradoxically, dessert is a two-edged weapon; if it can give a personal some spiritual repose, it can also drive them insane.
The more congested a society is, the less value of silence is observed and there arise more chances of insanity in a social mob. The increasing population accounts for that. In these cases, sanity can sprint from the deserts. The various natural noises of animals and birds merge into a common silent of contemplation. Silence is so strong that it can encapsulate the high roaring fast rattling jets. The emptiness and boundlessness also show the spiritual side of humanity.
Words too had civilizing effects on man and raised him from madness to sanity; from the brute to the civilized. For proper peace and civilization, a consensus on language is a necessity.  Men have been the victim of wrong use of words against each other. Such blunders have become the habitual common lot of people. Silence of deserts has existed and even the systematic noise of the urban society has not been able to demolish it. 

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