Saturday, June 19, 2010

How to Stop Procrastination?

What is Procrastination?
Procrastination means putting things till tomorrow what you should today. That’s why; we have a proverb, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today?”. Procrastination, in other terms, is laziness and slackness.
Causes and Effects of Procrastination
Procrastination creates Self-Doubt - These people feel there are rigid standards about how thing ought to be done and they fear they will fail. They second-guess themselves and delay taking action. This gives people a touch time so they avoid doing things right away. They start doging discomfort which is caused by things which are pending. This person avoids activities that will cause them distress, discomfort or anxiety. Rather ironically, the act of dodging the activity doesn't make it go away so tensions mount because of this avoidance. Further, the person starts having guilt over tasks undone, but rather than correct the original lack of action continues to procrastinate in order to not face up to the guilt feelings. Further down, the person keeps on procrastinating until it becomes a habit and it becomes an ingrained response. The person no longer thinks about why they do it, they feel it's just a part of themselves. It becomes an automatic response to say, "This is too hard", "I'm too tired", or to laugh it off as a character flaw. These are various styles and reasons for which most people procrastinate.

Time Management to Avoid Procrastination
The first solution to procrastination is organization of yourself and the task you want to perform. Make a list of things you want to do and bifurcate things at hand to simply  your duties until you accomplish them one by one. See priority is a must. Don’t do things because they are interesting, do things at hand because they are a must. If you have to check papers as a teacher and you find the papers boring, yet you must do them right away if they are to be submitted before anything else. May be you can do them one by one, may be you assign two hours to them but you must do them first. So first things first. Never listen to yourself when you say, “I can do it later. I have other things to do. I can watch this movie and then I can do it in one hour”. No, never, because if the tasks demands three hours to complete, how can you do it in one hour? Rather be realistic and do the work straightaway and reward yourself with the movie or three hours’ long rest.

Sometimes, the very thought of performing a duty makes you nervous. If so: Inhale deeply while counting five heart beats (you may check this easily by feeling your pulse). Exhale as you count five heart beats. You should notice after each breath that your heart rate is actually slowing and you are feeling less tense. Now, do something, not matter how small. Just make a start. The very act of accomplishing something will ease your anxiety. Further, you should change your perfectionist thinking. Your perfectionist feelings are a hurdle in your way. Don’t be perfect, just do it and if you keep doing it, you will be perfect some day. Finally, never let yourself join with the procrastinators, they are sheep and you are a lion, lions make their way. So you too will make your way!

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