Saturday, June 5, 2010

Uniqueness - The Fourth Golden Rule to Success!

People are nature's greatest miracle.  Each person is different in appearance as well as ability, and we should capitalize on, rather than despise, these differences.  We must concentrate on the task at hand, not allowing ourselves to be preoccupied with problems of home while in the marketplace, or of the marketplace while we are at home.  We each have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a mind with which to think.  This is everything we need to thrive.
I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle. Never has there been another with my hand, ear, hair, mind and tongue. I am a unique creation. I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle. Although I am of the animal kingdom, animal rewards alone will not satisfy me. Within me burns the flame which’s been passed by generations uncounted and it is the constant irritation to my spirit to become better than I am and I will.

I will fan this flam to prove my uniqueness. None can duplicate my mind, handwriting, None can duplicate my children. I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle. I will put my uniqueness on the market place. From now on, I will accent my differences to hide my similarities. I will be proud of difference. I am a unique creature. I am rare. So I am valuable. I am the end product of thousands and thousands of evolution. Thus I am better equipped in mind and body than all the emperors and wise men who preceded me. But my mind, my body and heart will stagnate if I don’t put them to good use. They will rot and die. I have an infinite potential. I can accomplish far more than I have and I don’t boast of yesterday’s performance and I will perform better. I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle. I am not here by chance. I am here for purpose. And that purpose is to grow into a mountain not to shrink to a grain of sand. I will increase my knowledge of mankind. I will constantly improve my skills. I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle. I will concentrate my energy on the challenge of the moment and I will forget the problems of my home and leave them at home. There is no room for the market in my home and there is no room for my family in the market. Each I will divorce from the other and thus I will remain wedded to both. Separate must they remain or my career will die. This is a paradox. I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle. I have been given the eyes to see and the mind to think. Now I will see beyond and think beyond and not be deceived. No beast, no plant, no plant, no rock, wind, no rain has the same beginning as I. I was conceived in love and brought with a purpose. I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle. And nature knows not defeat. Eventually, she will emerge victorious so will I. Each victory makes the next struggle easier.

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