Saturday, June 5, 2010

Prayer - The Tenth Golden Rule to Success!

Almost everyone, in a moment of terror or anguish, will turn to God for help.  But a true believer will pray for guidance, not only for help.  He calls on God not for material things, but for the knowledge to understand the way to acquire what is needed.  
Nevertheless, we must realize that sometimes we will not be given the sort of guidance we ask for - this, too, is an answer to prayer. Pray for ability equal to the opportunity, for good habits, for love, to use words well, to humbly forge through all  obstacles, to reach worthwhile goals.Who is there in the world whom a moment of disaster has not caused heartbroken and he has not called to his God. Who has not cried out when confronted with danger, death or mystery beyond his normal life. This instinct is in all living creatures in peril. And this is a gift.

All living creatures including man have been blessed with the instinct to cry for help! Why do we possess this instinct? This is a Gift. Henceforth, I Will Pray, but my prayer will be for seeking guidance and not for material things of the world. Never will I seek the delivery of gold, servants and wealth. Only for guidance shall I pray. That I may be shown the way to acquire these things. The guidance I seek may come or the guidance I seek may not come. Even Father will give his child things according to his needs and level. The mother cannot give the child bread at the age of 1 however hard he may seek it. Henceforth, I Will Pray for guidance. O, Creator of all things, help me with guidance and skill. Help me get good habits. Let me help turn strangers into friends. Show me the Way, Help me Guide me, God! 

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