Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sample Letter of Complaint in English about Uniforms and Notebooks

The Principal
Lahore Elementary School
                                                                                                                             5 September 2003
Dear Madam

Uniform and Notebooks

My children are studying in your school. Just recently, they got admission to the school and we bought them four uniforms each; but the school uniform was changed after vacation without any notice. This shows indifference on part of the school management.

When I first visited the school, I was told that there were no Hidden Charges to pay except for the admission, exam and monthly fees; but we find ourselves bound by the unnecessary rules of the school. The problem is we are not allowed to use market notebooks and homemade uniforms. This problem is shared by most parents whose children are in your school.

Most of the parents including myself have no objection to paying for the school uniform or notebooks if the quality of these items matches the price; whereas the situation is different. Parents are being made to buy the items of cheaper quality at the highest possible price. I believe that this is an unethical and non-academic approach. If you mean to justify that these are rules of the school then I am sorry to disagree with you that rules are made to facilitate learning, not complicate it.

I am sorry for this trouble; but you are requested to kindly inform the parents about such decisions beforehand and also allow us to use market notebooks and homemade uniforms and pullovers.

I hope you interact positively.




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