Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sample Resignation for English Teachers

The Principal
The Minhaj University

                                                                                                                               October 5, 2006


Subject:         Resignation from lectureship

After serious consideration, I have reached a definite decision to resign from the university, effective March 1, 2006. You will understand my decision in view of my personal obligations, which entirely prevent me from working here any more. I feel greater opportunities await me elsewhere. 

My Thirteen Years with the university have been both pleasant and challenging. I enjoyed working here, especially under you but I regret the necessity of leaving and any inconvenience caused during and after my work.

I hope the English Language Course, approved by the Chancellor at my request for the First Year classes, proved its worth and the better results of both FA and BA English after I joined the university, immensely benefited the institution and sustained comparatively higher above the other leading colleges and universities in the town. Also, the University Prospectus developed and designed by me will remind you of my worth. Also 135 and 125 marks in BA English obtained by Ilyas Shah and Awais Pasha respectively fall entirely to my credit.

Also the Computer Department, founded and subsequently run and managed by me, must win your positive and charming opinion of me. I am currently teaching Intermediate classes so I may stay further until an alternative is arranged.

My association with the Institution has never been professional but personal and emotional; therefore I hope that the university maintains friendly and constant relationship with me and pass over any inconvenience during my career here.


Respectfully yours,


Muhammad Naeem
Lecturer and Head of the Department 

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