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How did Mr. Brown check the wrath of Ibo natives again Christianity?

Mr. Brown was a missionary. He was very liberal. He was in favour of being lenient to the villagers. Though his main duty was to preach and attract the villagers to Christianity yet he was not inclined to use foul means to achieve his goal. He convinced the villagers that his religion was devoid of the evils inherent in Ibo-culture.
It was only due to his liberal attitude that he became very popular with them. He developed friendly terms with the native residents. He talked to them amicably. He went to the nearby villages to preach the message of his religion. People respected him thinking that he never said anything which might harm their religion and displease them. Mr. Brown learnt a good deal about the religion of the clan and came to the conclusion that a frontal attack on it would not succeed.
He adopted a miraculous way of expanding his religion. He set up a school for the natives. He went from house to house and requested the natives to send their children to this school. According to him "education is the key to mind". It would help them to know their rights and duties. If Umuofia would not get their children educated, strangers would enter their villages to rule them. In this school the gospel of the new religion were taught to the students alongwith the schooling education. By adopting this tactics, Mr. Brown got a great success in his mission. Besides children, grown up people came to his school to learn. He encouraged them with various gifts. They worked on their farms in the morning and went to school in the afternoon.
In this way Mr. Brown was successful in his efforts to attract a huge number of natives to Christianity. People came to the church with a new zeal. The students of this school got the job of court messenger or-and clerks. The students who devoted a longer period in this school were provided the job of preachers who were sent to other villages to preach and attract the people to the new faith. Nwoye got the opportunity of being appointed as a teacher in teacher's college at Umur. It was during the tenure of Mr. Brown that many churches and schools were founded in other villages.
Mr. Brown's policy produced quick results and religion and education went hand-in-hand. It is taken for granted that Mr. Brown failed to prove the supremacy of his religion over African's faith during the long discussion hold with Akunna, but his approach to the problem was realistic and effective. He felt that the best way to attract Ibo people towards his religion was through education and hospitals for the sick. Mr. Brown was a practical man. He provided the above two facilities to the villagers for their benefits. Ibo people could not dare oppose Christianity. Thus, Mr. Brown not only checked the wrath of Ibo rural society against Christianity but also made his faith much popular with the tools of education and hospital.
Mr. Brown was a true Christian. He was of the belief that all human beings were children of God and should be treated with love. He conveyed this message of God to the natives with the sincerity of his efforts and won them over to the new faith. He was a practical man. He had realistic approach to solve each problem. He was the most successful missionary in all respects.

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