Saturday, October 9, 2010

Describe Santiago’s search for fish? (PU: 2006)

Hemingway’s “the old man and the sea” shows his love for gallantry and courage apart from everything the marlin towing operation’ the adversary’s courage and power are emphasized in three stages.

In the first stage we find that Santiago sets some baits on different fathom’s length. And after some time he hooked marlin and his unfortunate journey starts. He has showed huge amount of courage and endurance to sustain himself in this difficult expedition like other Hemingway characters in similar positions’ he is by now trying “not to think but only to endure”. At sunset it is still the same. “I wish I could see him only once “thinks Santiago” to know what I have against me. We can say in the first stage both of them have equal courage and endurance.
In the second stage the night has covered the sky but Santiago seems residual and optimistic and said “but I will kill you dead before this day ends”
Third stage marks the height of Santiago’s struggle’ comes on the morning the third day with the marlin come to the surface and he challenged him that come on and kill me. But after some resistance from marlin side. He dominated on him and killed him.

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