Saturday, October 9, 2010

Santiago attitude towards the great Marlin

Santiago bears a significant relationship with the other characters in the Hemingway canon. Santiago’s character in this novel is the not worthy character and holds great importance.
In the beginning of the novel, Santiago is being showed in a deserted condition where he is left alone by every one because he was unable to catch a fish in eighty four days than he planned an expedition to go far out in the sea, in search of a fish.

In the beginning of his expedition he hooked a great Marlin. Santiago’s relation with Marlin is remarkable through out the novel. “I love you and respect you very much fish but I will kill you dead before this day ends”, says the old man. He did not like the prospect of killing his true brothers at the sea. Santiago thought that this fish is so much different in its manners that no one is worthy of eating its flesh as in novel.
“No one is worthy of eating it as from the manner of his behavior and great dignity”.
Great dignity and manner of the fish also endures strength in Santiago’s weakening body man as he said “let him think I am more man than I am and I will be so”, as the story moves we see Santiago thinking about the fish and speculating the things that fish might be thinking as “decides to stay an other night” it seems like the course of action is being set by him.
When the sharks first attacked the fish, Santiago thought he himself being hit, and when the bad smelling scavengers attacked and devoured a large piece of flesh. Old man murmur, “I am sorry fish” their relationship is very respected relation and both of them have common traits in them like nobility, determination and respect for each other.
When marlin is mutilated by sharks it symbolizes the old man, who is ridiculed by the younger fisher men and being considered very strange. Santiago’s defeat by sharks did not put an end to his fishing, but gave him more courage and coinsurance.

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