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Synopsis of For Whom the Bell Tolls

Jordan’s Assignment’
Jordan undertakes to blow up a bridge in the Guadarrama mountains at an appointed time. The bridge should go as soon, as the Republican planes bombard a pass in these Mills He will be assisted by some guerrillas who support the Pablo, These guerrillas’ operate behind the Fascist lines. Pablo, the guerrilla leader to whose Cave Jordan’s guide, Anselmo, takes him, is opposed to this plan from the very, beginning. El Sardo another guerrilla leader, decides to help Jordan.

Pilar’s Role
Pablo’s woman, Pillar, is all for blowing, up the bridge. She carries the rest of the band with her, also sends Maria, a young girl who had’ suffered at the ands of the Fascists, to Jordan’s sleeping bag at night where they make love.

Pablo Escapes Death
Since Jordan learns that Pablo is capable of treachery at one stage he decides to shoot him but restrains himself. The next night when the group_ decides to liquidate Pablo, he changes his stand by declaring that he supports the plan. Agustin provokes Pablo but he takes the beating quietly.
E1 Sardo’s Role
El Sardo foresees the difficulties and risk implicit in, Jordan’s plan. He goes to the Fascist lines to steal horses. In the evening it begins to snow. El Sardo leaves tracks m, the snow which; guide the Fascist cavalry to camp. In the battle that follows, El Sardo and his band are wiped out.
Maria’s Role
Maria and Jordan make love four times in the novel, which spans three days. She makes him experience love, which shatters his idealism and dedication to a cause. Jordan wishes to live now rather than die. Maria’s tale of woe makes Jordan all the more determined to blow up the bridge, and later to cover up the retreat of the band with whom Maria escapes to the Gredos.
The Cavalrymen Come
On the second morning Jordan sees a cavalryman close to the camp. He shoots him at once. He foresees the arrival of more Fascist cavalry. He prepares to meet this threat. Although he is fully prepared to kill all the cavalrymen who come close to the camp, he restrains himself and others. The cavalrymen retreat and finally locate El Sardo’s camp, which they destroy with the help of planes. The second day is spent thus.
Pablo’s Treachery
Pablo is certain that Jordan’s arrival is a. bad omen. He opposes him as much as he can but when Jordan remains adamant he steals his detonators and the exploders. It is possible he does so to save his band from meeting El Sardo’s fate. He throws away this equipment into the stream. When Jordan learns of this treachery he is furious but he has no alternative except to plan afresh. Later Pablo returns with five more guerrillas to help Jordan destroy the bridge. He has come back to make the plan a success so that he may save as much of the band as he can. He also can lead them to the Gredos after the bridge has been blown up.
Jordan’s Plan
Jordan’s original plan is to assign one post each to Pablo and El Sardo. He and Anselmo will deal with the sentries and the bridge. After El Sardo’s death, he assigns El Sardo’s role to Pilar. When Pablo deserts, Pilar is to destroy one post, and Agustin is to cover the approach road to the bridge. This is the best he can do with the given men and material but it is a risky, perhaps fatal plan. When Pablo returns, he assumes the responsibility of over­running the other post.
The Execution of the Plan
When Jordan hears the thud of exploding bombs, he shoots one sentry, and Anselmo the other. Pilar destroys the lower post, and Pablo the other. Jordan plants dynamite and hand-grenades on the bridge with the help of Anselmo. Pablo runs into difficulty but he discharges his responsibility well. When the bridge is blown up, Anselmo is killed. Jordan survives the explosion.
The Last Phase
After this, the band prepares to escape to the Gredos. They have to cross the road at one point. The Fascists shell that point as they are crossing. Others survive the shelling but Jordan’s horse is hit. Because Jordan’s thigh-bone is broken in the fall he cannot continue his escape. He voluntarily stays back to cover up the retreat of his companions. He is lying wounded by happy that he has lived up to his reputation.

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