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Figures of Speech

is a figure of contrast, arrangement of two opposite ideas in the same sentence:
Man proposes, God disposes.

Zealous yet untrue.
Though grave yet trifling.
As civilization advances, poetry declines.
In penance planning sins anew.
Where law ends, tyranny begins.
Speech is silver but silence is golden.
A friend exaggerates a man’s virtues, an enemy his vices.
is direct address to the absent, the dead, the personified, an inanimate object:
Exult o shores and ring o bell.
Roll on, thou deep and dark blue ocean.
With thee, sweet  hope, resides the heavenly light.
O liberty, what crimes have been committed in thy name.
O mischief, thou art swift to enter in the thoughts of
                                                                        desperate men.
O death where is thy sting?
O grave where is thy victory?

Bathos is anti-climax, descent from the sublime to the ridiculous:
-         Here lies a king whose word no man relies on , who never said a foolish thing and never did a wise one.
-         For months still I lingered in hope and in doubt,
While her form it grew wasted and thin;
But the last dying spark of existence went out
As the oysters were just coming in.

is elevation of diction without elevation of the subject.

is arrangement of a series of ideas in a gradual rise, a figure in which sense advances by successive steps from the less important to the more important:
I came , I saw, I conquered.
He was a robber, a murderer, a patricide.
To gossip is a fault, to libel a crime, to slander a sin.

is a comparison in great detail, a decorative figure, an extended metaphor or simile, a popular mannerism of  Renaissance.
Donne compares parted lovers to the legs of a pair of compasses, deifies his  mistress by saying that she is only defined by negatives or that she can read the thoughts of his heart, a thing beyond an angel’s art.
He refers to subtleties of nothingnesses and quintessences, mixture of souls, significance of numbers, aerial bodies of angels, the phoenix and the mandrake’s root, the king’s real and stamped face.

is a figure of wit and contrast, a short pithy saying depending on antithesis:
Familiarity breeds contempt.
When all speak, none hear.
He was conspicuous by his absence.
A little more than kin and less than kind.

is glossings over a shocking or ugly thing, using a favourable or gentle term, describing an unpleasant truth in pleasant way, indirect or softened statement for a blunt or offensive one, use of delicacy to tone down something forbidden and harsh, mellowing down of an impolite term:

Pass away .
Mental hospital.
Death is a happy release.
She is plain in appearance.
He was gathered to his forefathers.
Discord fell on the music of his soul (he became mad).
He appropriated what did not belong to him. (stole)
He occasionally deviates from strict truthfulness.
His later life was clouded by domestic disagreements.
In the golden age, the wolf shall dwell with the lamb and
                                    The leopard shall lie down with the kid.

is overshooting the mark, over statement, exaggerating a truth for emphasis/ humour, describing things in higher/ lower terms:

This book weighs a ton.
There were millions of people at the party.
I could have knocked him over with a feather.
She is more beautiful than venus.
They lifted the roof with their shouting.
He will be knocked unconscious by a snowflake.
The whole world was shocked at the news.
The soldiers charged with the rapidity of lightning.
The sees will be multiplied as the stars of the heaven and as
            the sand which is upon the sea-shore.

The sky shrank upwards with unusual dread
And trembling Tiber dived beneath his bed.

So frowned the mighty combatants that hell
Grew darker at their frown.

Says Shakespeare—
I would a tale unfold whose lightest word would harrow up thy soul, freeze thy young blood, make thy two eyes like stars start from their spheres, thy knotted and combined locks to part and each particular hair to stand on end like quills upon the fretful porcupine.

is a suggestion that is hinted at.
is a contradictory outcome
-         a condition of being mocked by facts or fate
-         difference between intended and expressed meaning
-         a situation or utterance having unforeseen significance
-         a figure of disguise/ dissimulation
-         a contrast between appearance and reality
-         a manner of speaking that implies a discrepancy
-         what is said by way of compliment is the opposite of what is meant in a derogatory way.
-         based on gap between what is thought to be true and what actually is true.
-         gap between words and truth , words and meaning, intention and outcome
-         a kind of alliance between reader and writer
-         seeing and not seeing. The reader is percipient/ able to see while the exposed is impercipient/ unable to see.
In dramatic irony, the reader has information which is denied to characters.

In situational irony, there is difference from expectation:
            Suicide committed by an admired person or murder may be plotted by an apparently harmless person. Situational irony is an incongruous situation.

In verbal irony, we say one thing but mean another: the meaning is far from the usual meaning, calling a humble baker a rich man. It implies a contrast or discrepancy between what is said and meant.

                        Do not weep maiden for war is kind.
Bitter verbal irony is sarcasm:
                        Brutus is an honourable man (Mark Antony)
Jane Austen’s Emma confuses appearance with reality; she knows that blunders arise from partial knowledge but herself has high pretensions to judgement. The novalist stresses the necessity of knowing oneself and others.

Double irony occours when one irony undercuts another. Hardy describes Tess as virginal daughter of nature. Later  Angel Clare rejects her, speaking better than he knows Here  irony rebounds on the reader.

“Finnegans Wake” is the chief ironic epic of the modern times; irony has three parts- hidden real, apparent real and human perception; it has psychological function of affecting relationship between poet and reader as well as metaphysical function of affecting view of reality; distorts view-point through false equation or suggests metaphysical inconclusiveness through use of both-and; affords insight into reality. Open a window on universe, produces sense of complex and ultimately unresolvable  paradoxes of the human situation and replaces incantation by cerebration; irony implies discrepancy/ incongruity between what is said  and what is meant—verbal irony;
                                    He is a true friend to forsake you in trouble.
                                    I fear I wrong the honourable men whose daggers have                 
                                    stabbed Caesar.
                                    He was the cleverest general who ever lost a battle.
                                    That accomplished lawyer knew a little of everything, even
                                    of law.

Irony implies discrepancy between appearance and reality, a thing and a limited perception of it ; irony of situation is discrepancy between expectation and fulfillment—a man with second wife accidentally seated next to the first in a cinema; in O’ Henry’s The Gift of the Magie, a poor man pawns his gold watch to buy hair comb for wife who sells hair to buy a fob for his watch—Coleridge’s mariner finds not a drop to drink in mid-ocean; irony is discrepancy between  what the speaker says and what the author means; this is dramatic irony , the reader is made aware of the outcome of a situation before the characters realise it ; this dramatic irony is more complex than verbal irony.
             Brooks spreads out irony into a theory of language, structure, image and theme. But in Critics and Criticism 1952, R S Crane condemns this view as critical monism. Irony is derived from its traditional use in drama; it tends to expand into an abstraction or mystical monism; the essential element of irony is the presence of qualification or even reversal; irony controls the complexity of poetry; it prevents identification of the poem with an uncomplicated sentiment, a moral pronouncement or a myth; it looks toward uniqueness which is the quality of every poem.
                        Irony is a sophisticated mode rooted in realism and dispassionate observation but moving toward myth; the naïve ironist calls attention to the fact that he is being ironic whereas sophisticated irony merely states and lets the reader add the ironic tone himself.
                        THE BOOK OF JOB is a tragic irony in which the dialectic of divine and human works itself out. Tragic irony is the study of tragic isolation; the hero is free from hamartia or pathetic obsession; the central principle of tragic irony is that the exceptional event is causally out of line with hero’s character; irony isolates from a tragic situation the sense of arbitrariness or of victim’s unluck. Tess is a typical victim/ scape goat, neither innocent nor guilty ; Adam is archetype of the inevitably ironic, human nature under sentence of death , as Frye puts it. At the other pole is the incongruous irony of human life, in which all attempts to transfer guilt to a victim invest him with innocence. Christ has been called an archetype of the incongruously ironic; the tragic  hero is halfway between, human yet of heroic size.

In His IRONY AS A PRINCIPLE OF STRUCTURE,  Cleanth Brooks states that irony is produced by skillful disposition of the context, that it is the special strategy of great deal of modern poetry on account of
     1) breakdown of common symbolism
     2) scepticism to universals
3) depletion or aorruption of language by mass media, pulp fiction, public sophisticated by commercial art.
He states that the modern poet uses ironic techniques to rehabilitate a tired/ drained language and to achieve clarity and passion.
                    Sarcasm is reversal of meaning effected by the context and the tone of voice:
                    This is a fine state of affairs!
Irony can be playful, gentle, tragic. The meaning of a poem is modified by the context---
                    Can storied urn or animated bust
                    Back to its mansion call the fleeting breath? (Gray)
Shakespeare produces playful irony by mixing pagan myth with theology:
                    Holy, fair and wise is she;
                    The heaven such grace did lend her…
                    Love doth to her eyes repair
                    To help him of his blindness.
In Arnold’s DOVER BEACH, the world that stretches like a land of dreams has neither joy nor love nor light; the speaker standing beside the beloved and looking out of the window on the calm sea is aware of the delusion of moonlight blanching the scene; the pressure of the context produces irony.
                    Wordsworth  develops irony by exploiting the contrast between violet and star---
                    A violet by a mossy stone
                    Half hidden from the eye!
                    Fair as a star, when only one
                    Is shining in the sky.
The violet-like Lucy was half-hidden when alive but not completely hidden after death; from the world’s  point of view she was shy but from her lover’s she is dominating. In his SLUMBER DID MY SPIRIT SEAL, Wordsworth creates ironic contrast between
1)      the speaker’s former slumber (insensitiveness to the claims of mortality) and the beloved’s present slumber (death)
2)      beloved’s insulation against time because she seemed divine and her insulation because she is inert, helplessly fallen into the clutter of things, meaningless, mechanical, repetitive motion.
Randall Jarrell’s poem ‘Eighth Air Force’ has the tension of opposing themes, presents airmen as murderers and wolves, carries us beyond abstract creed into the matrix from which creeds are abstracted.
Cosmic irony is ironic twists of fate, developments revealing a terrible distance between what people deserve and what they get, between what is and what ought to be. Hostile fate keeps playing tricks to thwart the central characters, as in Hardy. Cosmic irony is the frustration of human efforts by a malicious fate.
                        Irony may make us laugh, sympathise, wonder; it occours in a statement, a situation, an unexpected event, a point of view.

is an understatement, a form of ironic expression, saying negative of the opposite, negation of the contrary for making out a positive sense---
     He is a teacher of no mean caliber.
     He was not unmindful i.e. he gave careful attention.

is an  implied comparison, a comparison with close identification of two things, an implied simile, a comparison between two unlike things by saying that a thing is another thing, transforming one thing into another; an implicit identity; the application of a name or descriptive term to an object to which it is not literally applicable.
                        Metaphor is an omnipresent principle of language ,a  literary mode conveying the speaker’s mood and poetic intelligence; metaphor is something personal and visionary, requiring no allegiance to facts; it is more compressed and economical than a simile:

A dead silence
A flash of wit
A hard heart
A ray of hope
Ambition is a bubble.
My house is a prison/ a dark road.
I smell a rat.
A desert is a sea of sand.
You are the salt of the earth.
Portia is a pillar of law.
The road was a ribbon of moonlight.
The ship of the state weathered the storm.
Handle this thorny subject carefully.
He poured forth a stream of eloquence.
The French Revolution was a volcanic  eruption.
Sleep is the balm of hurt minds, chief nourisher in life’s Feast, nature’s second course.
The Assyrian wolf came down on the fold.
Athens was the mother of arts and eloquence.
Stars are the daisies that adorn the blue fields of the sky.
The day is done and darkness falls from the wings of night.
There is a tide in the affairs of men which taken at the flood Leads on to fortune.
A great deal of the furniture of ancient tyranny is worn to rags (furniture and cloth)
A torrent of superstition consumed the land . (water and fire)
Hope, the balm of life, darts a ray of light through the thickest
                        gloom .(medicine and light)
His sharp wit cut through our conversation

Green Buddhas (uncut water-melons)
On the fruit stand
We eat the smile (tasty wedges)
And spit the teeth. (seeds)
Comparison of the intensity of hunger and thirst to a dying person—
                                    I am starving
                                    I am dying for a drink
Says Marvell—
                        My vegetable love should grow.
Says Marianne Moore—
                        The sea is a collector quick to return that rapacious look.
In ‘Poppies in October’, Sylvia Plath refers to red petals of poppies as skirts—
                        Even the sun clouds this morning cannot manage such skirts.
Tenor is object presented; vehicle is  that in terms of which it is presented. Larkin uses church as tenor & shell as vehicle.

is figure of contiguity/ substituation
                        a name calling forth a complex structure of ideas
                                    and things
                        substituation of a word associated with a thing for the things itself , cause for effect, effect for cause, container for the contained, a place for the inhabitants, a person’s name for his work, a sign for the signified, an adjunct for the subject.
chamak : horse trading in politics
church : whole complex of organized religion
crown : monarchy
Texas : windy plans and oil wells
Vermont : gentle green hills, maple trees, vivid foliage.
Washington : American government
The kettle boils.
I haven’t read Virgil.
The crown calls forth the image of government.
Scepter and crown must tumble down.
Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.
The scepter shall not depart from Judah.
Pakistan has won the match.

is a figure of  contrast , a condensed paradox, adjective contradicting noun, paradoxical use of two opposite words, combination of two seemingly contradictory elements:
sightless view
profitless usurer
o my gentle village fierce
o my powerful people weak.
Juques had humourous sadness.
It is an open secret.
He committed a pious fraud.
He lived a life of active idleness.
James1 was the wisest fool in Chiristendom.
He is a busy idler and an honourable villain.
She accepted the kind cruelty of the surgeon’s knife.

is An apparent contradiction , a statement that apparently contradicts itself,
A statement that seems to be contradictory or ridiculous
                        but is true,
a statement outwardly illogical,
a reconciliation of seeming opposites,
an exercise of metaphysical wit,
a figure of contrast having shock value:
defend me from my friends.
The more you know about people , the less you understand them.
Many sightless people are highly observant.
Cowards die many times before their death.
Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.
Says Emily Dickinson—
                                    My life closed twice before its close.
Says Wordsworth—
                        The child is father of the man.
Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”—
                        The fool doth think he is wise but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.
Says Lovelace—
                        When I lie tangled in her hair
                        And fettered to her eye,
                        The birds that wanton in the air
                        Know no such liberty.

Says Henry Thoreau in ‘Walden’—
     In proportion as the human being simplifies his life, the laws of the universe will appear less complex, and solitude will not be solitude, nor poverty poverty , nor weakness weakness.

is circumlocution, roundabout expression.
In all human probability (most likely)
He was recipient of the highest award. (received)

is a kind of metaphor, attribution of human feelings and qualities to an abstract idea, an animal, an inanimate object. This figure helps communication of feelings and images, makes ideas concrete, makes unfamiliar experiences commonplace and  commonplace experiences unfamailiar.

Prattling brooks
Smiling morn.
The ground thirsts for rain.
The island danced with corn.
Daffodils danced in glee.
Flowers danced about
Procrastination is the thief of time.
Peace hath her victories no less renowned than war.
The sun smiled down on them.

And every wave with dimpled face
That leaped upon the air,
Had caught a star in its embrace,
And held it trembling there.

Says Shakespeare—
The grey-eyed morn smiles on the frowning night.

Says Frost—
     The secret sits in the middle and knows.
Ahmad Alhamisi feels threatened by white culture, states that
whites’ poems are dangerous daggers, guns and cops while Blacks’
poems are exotic, rare, rich , Egyptian princesses—
                        pierching hearts in weird designs
Keats personifies autumn and melancholy—
She dwells with beauty – beauty that must die ,
And Joy whose hand is ever at his lips
Bidding adieu; and aching Pleasure nigh,
Turning to poison while the bee mouth sips:
Ay, in the very temple of Delight,
Veiled Melancholy has her sovran shrine.
Elizabeth Darynsh states that Anger lies beside her all night. She views anger as something outside her, a persistent presence over
which she has no control—
                        His breath was hot upon my brow,
                        He told me of my burning,  wrong,
                        All night he talked and would not go.
Ruth Fainlight personifies future as a timid woman—
                        The future is timid and wayward
                        And wants to be courted, will not
                        Respond to threats or coaxing,
                        And hears excuses only
                        When she feels secure.

is play on words sounding alike,play on two meanings of the same word, echolalia or verbal hiccups, alteration of one or more letters, anti-decorum; against right things in right place, use of homographs or words identical in pronunciation and spelling but different in meaning and origin, subversion of order/rationality, assertion of personal independence, culturally important for sharing a sense of community, pivotal movement in which second meaning rotates round the first one or branches off from it,
re-routing of trains of thought, based on awareness of identity in difference or of
difference in identity, bringing two different concepts under one word so that difference is in concepts and identity is in reality; witticism in bringing two different objects under one concept, with identity in concept and difference in reality, centripetal/cohesive and centrifugal/disjunctive operation to double our attention and stretch our mind:
     Race- rush, nation
     Urdu ‘hul’- solution and plough
     Spot- place, stain
     Is life worth living?
     That depends on the liver (person, organ)
     I told the sexton who tolled the bell.

A woman powders the face while a soldier faces the powder.
I am a proud Pakistani and not a Europe peon (European)
Women are daily crucified (nailed to bed)

Jhoot ke paaon nahi hotey
To phhir joota kaisay pehnta hai?

Tum ooper se yeh le aaye ho
Ooper se to naheen laya.

Tumhaarey liye hostel bhaari hoga
Kiya isey otthana hoga?

Woh hath maar ker rupeyya le giya
Oos ne haath to nahin mara.

Alice:You should say what you mean
March Hare: I do.
Alice: I mean what I say- that’s the same thing, you know
Gallaan- chit-chat, cheeks
Tear-rip, weeping

The pun is a double-think, using a word with two different meanings, using two different words having different meanings but somewhat similar  pronunciation/ spelling, using two words of similar meaning or pronunciation but different spellings. The pun passes off similarity as identity, treats as the same word those words which are etymologically distinct but identical in form. The sounds punned upon conceal a sliding panel or a trap door. Punning is the lowest form of wit. Bad puns are artifice, not art; are distracting, lack semantic shock, are based on verbal similarity without highlighting congruity/contrast of meaning.

is comparison of two different things on the basis of shared quality; introduced by as , like, seemed, resembled , similar to ; expression of likeness between two unlike things.

As white as a sheet.
As cool as a cucumber.
I wandered lonely as a cloud.
Pleasures are like poppies spread.
My love is like a red red rose.
Debt is like a millstone about a person’s neck.
The fog sat like a  lid on the mountains.
His  dress was as plain as an umbrella cover.
The Assyrians came down like the wolf on a fold.

Sweet are the uses of adversity
Which, like the toad, ugly and venomous,
Wears still a precious jewel in its head.

My doctrine shall drop as the rain and my speech shall distil as the dew.

Says Browning—
                        On her neck the small face buoyant, like a bell-flower on its bed.
Says Hopkins
                        It strikes like lightnings to hear him sing (About thrush)
Says Emily Dickinson—
     There’s a certain slant of light,
Winter afternoons—
     That oppresses like the heft  of cathedral tunes.

is figure of contiguity/substitution, a part suggesting the whole, a large concept suggesting something specific, a species suggesting a genus.

Lazybones – a sluggish person
Gray hairs are here and there upon him (old age)
My whole world is lost.
All hands on deck . (workers)
We need new wheels (car)

Tautology is  pleonism/ redundance, repetition of same ideas

Both students went together.
I rejoiced at the happy sight.
He continued to remain my friend.
There was a universal cry of joy from everybody.
He and she can both travel together.

Transferred epithet is a figure of construction

She passed a sleepless night.
The farmer plodded his weary way homeward.
He tossed from side to side on his sleepless bed.

Understatement is use of limitation and modesty, avoidance of emphasis in description, saying something subtle, not extreme, saying less than one means, verbal irony.
This looks like a good bite (a loaded dinner plate)
 We were not displeased (we were delighted)
A little misunderstanding (disagreement)

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