Friday, January 28, 2011

IELTS Speaking Sample Script - 3

Examiner:                Hello, my name is Julia.
Mohammed:            Hello
Examiner:                Can you tell me your full name please?
Mohammed:            Mohammed Abdul Mohammed
Examiner:                Right … and should I call you Mohammed?
Mohammed:            Sure.

Examiner:                Right Mohammed. Can I see your ID Card please?
Mohammed:            Here …. You go …
Examiner:                Thank you very much.
Mohammed:            Your welcome.
Examiner:                For the first part of the test, I would like to ask you some questions  
  about your country. Do you live in the city or the country?
Mohammed:            I live in the city.
Examiner:                ….All right…. And what are some good things about where you
Mohammed:            Er … I live in a nice neighbourhood. … Very  green … it’s er … not much    
                                     people. It’s quiet and very laid back and I like it.
Examiner:                OK. And with  more people moving to the city, what has happened to the countryside where you are from?
Mohammed:            I think there were result of less farming … less rural life.
And … most likely will decrease the production of crops. And er on the other hand, cities will be more crowded and that will cause … er … more pollution.
Examiner:                OK. Now I’d like to talk about health. Is health important to you?
Mohammed:            Yes. Definitely.
Examiner:                Why?
Mohammed:            Why because er … so I can live a long life … erm er … I hate feeling pain.  Plus in addition to that I guess, if your healthy you will be more productive 
Examiner:                OK. And what is a major health concern in your country?
Mohammed:            Er … I can state er heart disease, heart problems, the stress, diabetes, aids. On the other side, there is a lot of people, they don’t have health insurance and that … that’s a big concern.
Examiner:                And what can be done about it?
Mohammed:            Well I think if your … if people can avoid poor diets, start working out regularly, I mean exercise, in a regular way, and … and avoid stress as well, avoiding stress and plus I think the government on the other side should provide health insurance for all the people.
Examiner:                OK, I am going to give you a topic now. You have one minute to make notes. Here’s some paper and a pen ...  Here’s the topic:
                                    People collect many things. What do you like to collect?
Examiner:                Right, you have 1 to 2 minutes to speak. Please begin now and I will tell you when to stop.
Mohammed:            OK. … Well, I like to collect handicraft, because you can tell a lot about the different countries I have been to … it tells a lot also about the place that it originates from. I like the colours, I like the art  … that manifest in the archives.
Also erm … I think … It gives me a good feeling to have the art and the handicrafts around me and … and make my world a lot better. Plus, I am so into art and I like the way most of the handicrafts are made. And also make me learn a lot about the countries. And I enjoy collecting them.
Examiner:                OK. Do your friends collect some other things?
Mohammed:            Not really … most of them collect foreign currency, postal stamps, and er … photographs.
Examiner:                Ok. We have been talking about collecting things. I’d like to ask you two more general questions about collecting. The first one. Do you think people collected the same things in the past?
Mohammed:            Erm, I doubt it because erm . I think the …  the people mentality or interest is changing.  I can see that y’know, a lot of people collect CDs, DVDs. While in the past people didn’t have that option.
Examiner:                OK, and do you think the things that we collect now and more valuable than the things that people collected in the past?
Mohammed:            Erm …  I don’t think so. I think people in the past used to collect valuable stuff, like, for example:… expensive rugs, carpets, gold …  and most likely nowadays you can see like some people collect, as I said before Cds and DVDs and that .. things like that So in the past people used to collect more valuable stuff.
Examiner:                So, we’ve been talking about collecting and values. Do you think people’s values are changing?
Mohammed:            Er do you mean exactly like er … social values?
Examiner:                Sure
Mohammed:            Er yes, Well I can say that er for example … er the era of my grandfather, people used to value a lot their family compared to the time we are living in where money is … can be very important. And at that time er for example y’know, people would considered camels as. Er a great … a great … asset as something that they own. And now people are like shifting to cars and  must y’know … if you don’t have BMW or a Cayenne or something like that er … you’re not really er … in!
Examiner:                OK.
Mohammed:            I would say.
Examiner:                OK, now, do you think that the changes are for the good of society or not?
Mohammed:            Er . . well I can … say it’s a bit of both., good and bad. A good things in that people are in the mentality of nowadays … working harder, producing more, the economies,  normal people can get rich fast and life is getting easier in terms of accommodations and stuff like that. But , … on the other hand stress is invading peoples lives, y’know, causing them health problems and more of that they don’t spend much time with their family … compared to people … long time ago and … er that’s  er … a big draw back.
Examiner:                Thanks this is the end of the speaking test.
Mohammed:            Your welcome

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