Saturday, February 5, 2011

Principles of Teaching as an Entrepreneur

1.      Make your values and write them down and read them every day…Love, honestly, integrity, purposefulness and constancy.

2.      If you violate one of these, stop and make notes and then think and get back to the right path.
3.      One-Minute Insight is better than a year’s frustration.
4.      If you are serious about success, you should a library of English books and literary giants.
5.      Assess needs and develop relationships…Success only occurs when opportunity and preparation meets…
6.      Arouse curiosity and desire for attendance… Be your best every time…Be a long-termer and not a short-termer.
7.      You abuse your workers and then expect them to take care of your customers…Without customers, you have no company!
8.      There are two types of people: Ducks and Eagles…. Ducks simply quack and eagles make rules and take initiative. Become an eagle, solve the problem and make the customer happy! Don’t be a duck, soar like an eagle! You can empower people with eagle rights so that they can solve problems rather than they refer to you according to the rules.
9.      Don’t bring your body to work, bring your brains! You should make your employees partners by empowering them and becoming a side-by-side leader with them rather than top-down leadership. Don’t criticize but help and appreciate their efforts to be more productive. Giving the final exam ahead of time is also like planning and achieving. Teaching people the answers is what day to day coaching is about.
10. If you treat people well, they become passionate about themselves and pay you back well.
11. Love is not an emotion; it is a decision in married life! Keep doing one right thing at a time…
12. Find people who can pay for your passion or make people pay for your passion.
13. Associate with people you admire and learn from them, a good life stems from good values, you never need to cheat to win. What is right is more important than who is right.
14. Five years after, you will be the same are you are today except the people you meet and the book you read! You can get whatever you want in life if you help other people enough to get what they want… It is not who you know counts, but who knows you and what they think of you…
15. For mentor to be effective, you have to be enthusiastic and passionate about your destination… Always visualize your desired outcome ahead of time. You are constantly on stage, so act like it and be your best every time!
16. The best are those who become what they want to be and are passionate about. They do what satisfies their fire of belly – their passion and not simply job! Ambition is the fuel that drives life changing events. If no body pays you for what you are passionate about, you have a hobby, not a career!
17. Remember you will never achieve more than you think you can. Don’t create small dreams, create Big Dreams!
18. Be confident, but also a person of humility, don’t be egoistic. Give each time the same lesson or speech with a new passion, the lesson may be familiar to you, but not to others. If you touch only one person’s life, there you are! Always seek advice if you are confused! If you manage only costs and don’t think of new sources of revenue your business will never grow.
19. Give your students a sense of ownership, a sense of companionship. Solve problems of your students and your employee.
20. Give your students legendary service and create raving fans…quick service, the same day service! Prompt service at a reasonable price! There are three principles of creating raving fans: Decide, Discover and Deliver… If you want raving fans… don’t simply announce it, plan it, decide which kind of experience you want them to have. Don’t go in the price war; don’t make price your competitive edge. Don’t beat your competitors by reducing your price. Keep your price fair! It is not low-price; but fair price that matters. You win by Moment of Truth! You tell the truth! You practice truth and demonstrate your truth to your customers. Discover from you customers; don’t ask simply ‘Is everything all right?’ But ‘Could you please tell me something that we could do differently Or Could you please tell us that we can do to make your experience with us different?’ Listen to people, don’t speak much, Listen, Listen and Listen and listen and sympathize!
21. There should be a partnership relationship with your employees, not top-down hierarchy management. Passionate people and loyal customers drive success in your organization.
22. Set your priorities, God comes first, then your family and then your business! A strength taken to the extreme becomes a liability…
23. Leave a legacy that should positively influence others…Help people get what you got through a certain process. We move from success to significance, from taking to giving; that is the legacy! Pass down what you have to the ones who follow you… Giving can be more rewarding than receiving! When you give to others, it comes back in abundance!
24. Commit to success one step at a time…

Top Twenty Attributes of Teachers

1.      Resourceful
2.      Purposeful
3.      Focused
4.      Risk-taking
5.      Problem solving
6.      Salesmanship oriented
7.      Visionary
8.      optimistic
9.      leadership oriented
10. ambitious
11. innovative
12. integrity based
13. adaptable
14. communicative
15. self-motivated
16. strategic
17. Team motivated
18. Determined
19. Curious
20. Balanced

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