Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spoken English and IELTS

What is Spoken English?
Spoken English is the ability of a person to speak English fluently, confidently and accurately. Spoken English is generally learnt when a person knows English but cannot speak it very well. Thus, the environment in Spoken English Class helps the person overcome his hesitation and improve confidence by speaking English before a group of students. But if the person doesn't know English (Grammar, Vocabulary or Pronunciation), he needs to develop these skills to master Spoken English. There are two ways to do it: The learner can do it along with Spoken English Course or separately to enhance these skills so that he can become proficient in Spoken English Class.

What is IELTS?
IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. This system is recognized throughout the world by prestigious universities. The examination consists of four parts: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. A band score is reported for each part of the examination. The individual band scores are then calculated to produce an overall band score. Your language skills will be evaluated on a band score scale ranging from 0 (non-user) to 9 (expert user). What we must remember is that IELTS is not a learning system. IELTS is only a testing system which tests your ability in English.

NEO English System

NEO English System is the most comprehensive learning system of English. NeoEnglish System inspires you with PASSION and helps you attain your goal with Language and Life Techniques combined because Language doesn't exist without life. The Main goal of NeoEnglish System is to make English Language learning cost-effective and accessible to the learner individually. NeoEnglish Language teaches not only English but it also teaches you how to learn English...so that you can become an autonomous learner. A learner is the core of English Language Program. We always give prime and focused attention to the learner. After all, it's the student not the teacher who is learning English. Although NeoEnglish System ensures Learner's Autonomy but Language cannot be learnt in isolation. For language to be learnt, a social, collaborative and interactive relationship is necessary. This relationship starts from the student-teacher relationship which bases collaborative learning and further develops into a complete understanding of the each other and then rolls down into society. For more details about, click here for NEOENGLISH SYSTEM.

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