Wednesday, March 23, 2011

English Idioms - Bear the Brunt of, A Brown Study and Call in Question

English Idioms - Bear the Brunt of, A Brown Study and Call in Question

1.       By hook or by crook (by any means, fair or foul)
He wants to materialize his ambition by hook or by crook.
2.       Bear the brunt of (to face the utmost violence of an attack)
The minister had to bear the brunt of the people’s anger against the new taxes.
3.       By fits and starts (at irregular intervals)
He works by fits and starts and his success is doubtful.

4.       To be ill at ease (to be perturbed)
He was ill at ease when his past misdeeds were exposed.
5.       To be taken aback (to be astonished)
I was taken a back at her strange behaviour.
6.       Beside the mark (irrelevant)
His remark is beside the mark.
7.       By and large (one the whole)
By and large, this book is quite useful.
8.       To beggar description (to be beyond description)
Her beauty beggars description.
9.       To bring down the house (to receive applause)
His scholarly speech brought down the house.
10.   Beyond measure (excessive; unlimited)
His joy is beyond measure.
11.   To bite the dust (to be humiliated)
A soft-headed person often bites the dust.
12.   A brown study (reverie; day-dreaming)
He did not hear even a single word of the lecture; he was lost in     a brown study.
13.   A bee in one’s bonnet (a crazy idea)
Cricket is another bee in his bonnet.
14.   To the backbone (thoroughly; every inch)
He is a patriot to the back bone.
15.   In the blues (sad; dejected)
He seems to be in the blues these days.
16.   In black and white (in writing)
Give me in black and white your opinion about this issue.
17.   Call in question (to suspect)
No body can call in question his sincerity.
18.   Carry the day (to be victorious)
Which political party will carry the day in the next general elections?
19.   Cat and dog life (one full of quarrels)
Tahir and his wife have nothing in common; they are leading a cat and dog life.
20.   Come off with flying colours (to emerge from a contest with brilliant success)
He came off with flying colours in the C.S.S. Examination.

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