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English Idioms - Far and Wide, French Leave and Face the Music

English Idioms - Far and Wide, French Leave and Face the Music

1.       Over head and ears (wholly; desperately)
He is over head and ears in debt.
2.       Take exception to (to object; to feel offended)
I take exception to your statement that I am bad tempered.
3.       Few and far between (rare)
His visits are few and far between.

4.       Fair and square (upright; honest)
In our dealings with others, we should be fair and square.
5.       Far and wide (everywhere)
His fame spread far and wide.
6.       To feather one’s own nest (to enrich oneself, honestly of otherwise)
Some officers feather their nests well while they have an opportunity.
7.       First and foremost (supreme)
It is our first and foremost duty to serve the  nation.
8.       For good (for ever)
He took leave of me for good.
9.       Feel in one’s bones (feel certain)
I felt in my bones that she would not betray me.
10.   To fish in troubled waters (try to win advantages for oneself from a disturbed state of affairs.)
A selfish person is always out to fish in troubled waters.
11.   To fall flat (fail to produce any effect)
His speech fell flat on the audience.
12.   From time to time (occasionally)
My friend comes here from time to time.
13.   From hand to mouth (in a state of poverty)
He is living from hand to mouth; his income is low.
14.   To fall foul of (to quarrel with)
He always falls foul of his step-brother.
15.   To face music (to face adverse criticism).
He is a man of short temper and cannot face the music.
16.   To find fault with (to censure; to blame)
Don’t find fault with your friends.
17.   A fast man (an extravagant man)
A fast man sometimes find himself in financial straits.
18.   French leave (absence from duty without permission)
French leave can mar the career of an employee.
19.   To feel run down (to feel exhausted)
She felt run down after cooking.
20.   To feel equal to (to be capable of)
I don’t feel equal to this task.

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