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English Idioms - Gala Day, Fish out of Water and Hard nut to Crack

English Idioms - Gala Day, Fish out of Water and Hard nut to Crack

1.       A gala day; a red-letter day (an important/memorable day; a day of rejoicing)
Eid is a red letter day for us.
2.       At home in (expert)
He is at home in the subject of Physics.
3.       A feather in one’s cap (something one may justly be proud of)
His brilliant success in the B.A. Examination is another feather in his cap.

4.       A fish out of water (feel uncomfortable)
He feels like a fish out of water at this unknown place.
5.       A fair weather friend (a false, insincere friend)
I do not like a fair weather friend like him.
6.       A hard nut to crack (a difficult problem)
To work out this puzzle is a hard nut to crack.
7.       A royal road (easiest way of getting something)
There is no royal road to success.
8.       As a rule (usually)
As a rule, I like hot coffee.
9.       At large (absconding)
The culprit is still at large.
10.   A maiden speech (first speech)
His maiden speech was quite impressive.
11.   A man of parts (a talented person)
He is a man of parts and knows how to tackle a difficult situation.
12.   All and sundry (everyone; all the people without any discrimination)
All and sundry went to see the village fair.
13.   A bone of contention/An apple of discord. (The cause of disagree-ment or hatred.)
The property is a bone of contention between the two brothers.
14.   Again and again/time and again (frequently)
Please read your lesson again and again.
15.   Apple of one’s eyes (a great favourite)
This child is the apple of this mother’s eyes.
16.   A bolt from the blue (an unexpected calamity)
The news of his father’s death came to him like a bolt from the blue.
17.   Apple-pie order (perfect order)
She keeps her house in apple-pie order.
18.   A bird’s eye view (a cursory glance)
We stood on a mountain and took a bird’s eye view of the villages around.
19.   A wild goose chase (an unprofitable venture)
To take examination without preparation is a wild goose chase.
20.   A queer fish (a strange, odd person)
He is a queer fish; I cannot make him out.

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