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English Idioms - Get Rid of, High Time and Hold Water

English Idioms - Get Rid of, High Time and Hold Water

1.       To go to rack and ruin (to be utterly destroyed)
The Crops went to rack and ruin for want of rain.
2.       To get into a mess (to drift into difficulties)
He got into a mess because of his carelessness.

3.       Get rid of (dispose of something not desired or needed)
We are going to get rid of our old car.
4.       Gift of the gab (the ability to speak fluently and convincingly)
There is no doubt that our principal has the gift of the gab.
5.       Get off scott-free (to go unpunished)
The thief got off scott-free.
6.       To hang in the balance (to be doubtful; in an uncertain condition)
The question of his marriage stills hangs in the balance.
7.       Hit below the belt (to take an unfair advantage)
A fair person never likes to hit below the belt.
8.       Hold one’s card close to the chest (to be secretive)
He always holds his cards close to the chest; I know nothing about his plans.         
9.       To have cold feet (to feel frightened)
When he saw the snake, he had cold feet.
10.   A house of cards (something which is not durable; temporary)
Life if nothing but a house of cards.
11.   Hand in glove (intimately connected)
Now-a-days, they are hand in glove with one another.
12.   Hard and fast (definite; clear)
There are hard and fast rules for every game.
13.   Head over ears (deeply immersed or involved)
He is head over ears in debt.
14.   High time (proper time)
It is high time to weed out corruption.
15.   Hole and corner (secret; underhand)
I do not like his hole and corner policy.
16.   To have a narrow escape (a hair-breadth escape)
He was lucky enough to have a narrow escape in the accident.
17.   To have an axe to grind (to serve one’s own personal interests)
Hamid has advised me not to apply for his post. I suspect he has    his own axe to grind.
18.   To hold water (to be valid and convincing)
This argument does not hold water.
19.   To hire and fire (to employ and to dismiss)
He is all in all this office; he can hire and fire any body.
20.   To get into hot water (to get into troubled)
Be careful, otherwise you will get into hot water.

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