Wednesday, March 23, 2011

English Idioms - High and Dry, In a Fix and Kith and Kin

English Idioms - High and Dry, In a Fix and Kith and Kin

1.       High and dry (isolated; alone)
Since he is out of pocket now-a-days, his friends have left him high and dry.
2.       To hold one’s peace (to remain silent)
Everybody was taking in the meeting without any let or      hindrance; I preferred to hold my peace.
3.       With a high hand (arrogantly)
The king ruled the people with a high hand.

4.       Hue and cry (a cry of alarm)
The people persued the thief with hue and cry.
5.       Make head way (progress; go forward)
They made considerable headway up the mountain.
6.       Ins and outs (all the details, both direct and indirect)
He is a cloth merchant and knows all the ins and outs of this trade.
7.       In the long run (eventually)
Truth does succeed in the long run.
8.       In the offing (imminent)
The new labour policy is in the offing.
9.       In keeping with (consistent with)
His words are not in keeping with his deeds.
10.   In a fix (in a difficult situation)
He is in a fix and there is none to help him out of it.
11.   To be in deep waters (to be in difficulties)
A careless person often finds himself in deep waters.
12.   In the teeth of (in opposition to ; in direct defiance)
He went abroad for higher education in the teeth of opposition from his father.
13.   In high feather/in high spirits (in a jovial, cheerful mood)
Having won the first prize, he was in high feather.
14.   Keep at arm’s length (to avoid being friendly with some one)
He is a man of ill repute; keep him at arm’s length.
15.   Keep body and soul together (maintain life)
The poor find it difficult to keep body and soul together.
16.   Keep the ball rolling (continue a discussion; go on speaking)
He is a good conversationalist and knows how to keep the ball         rolling.
17.   To keep in the dark (not to disclose a secret, etc.)
Some businessmen keep the government in the dark about their income.
18.   To keep abreast of (to be in touch with; to know the most recent facts)
Read the papers if you want to keep abreast of the times.
19.   Kith and kin (relatives)
He is very kind to his kith and kin.
20.   To kick up a row (to make a fuss)
Nasir kicked up such a row for nothing.

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