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English Idioms - In Full Swing, Follow Suit and Go to the Wall

English Idioms - In Full Swing, Follow Suit and Go to the Wall

1.       To pull/draw a long face (to look dissatisfied or sorrowful)
When he heard the unpleasant news, he pulled a long face.
2.       Far and away (beyond comparison or rivalry)
He is far and away the best player in our college.

3.       To play second fiddle (to take a subordinate part)
I refused to play second fiddle to him.

4.       In full swing (in full operation; at its height)
The winter season is in full swing.
5.       To follow suit (to follow the example)
Try to follow suit of great men.
6.       Play fast and loose (to act irresponsibly)
Don’t play fast and loose with your friends.
7.       Give a cold shoulder (show distaste for one’s company)
I met him after a long time, but he gave me a cold shoulder.
8.       Give false colour to (to distort facts)
Newspapers often give false colour to the news they report.
9.       To get wind (to leak out)
I don’t know how to secret got wind.
10.   To give vent to (to express)
He gave vent to his feelings in a shout of laughter.
11.   To go without saying (to be certain; to take for granted)
It goes without saying that he is the villain of peace.
12.   To go hand in hand (to go together)
Prosperity goes hand in hand with industry.
13.   To go with tide/times (to do so others do)
A shrewd man always goes with tide/times.
14.   To go to the dogs/to go to pieces (To be ruined)
He went to the dogs because of his foolishness.
15.   To go to the wall (to suffer hardship; to give way)
The weak always go to the wall.
16.   To go a long way (make a considerable contribution)
His timely help will go a long way in solving my problems.
17.   To get into a scrape (to be in a difficult situation)
A careless person often gets into a scrape.
18.   To go into black (to mourn)
He went into black for his mother.
19.   To give oneself airs (to be haughty)
He always gives himself airs; nobody likes him.
20.   To got all lengths (to do everything possible; to try utmost)
He will go to all lengths to set up a new factory.

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