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English Idioms - Palmy Days, Point-Blank and Open Question

English Idioms - Palmy Days, Point-Blank and Open Question

1.       An open question (a matter for discussion which is still without decision).
The future of democracy in Pakistan is still an open question.
2.       Off the hook (disturbed in mind)
This news was quite unexpected for him; now his is off the hook.
3.       Out and out (thoroughly)
He is out and out a scoundrel.

4.       Out at elbows (in a poor financial condition)
His business has suffered a severe set-back; now he is out at elbows.
5.       Off and on (occasionally)
He goes to the cinema off and on.
6.       Of no account (unimportant)
His objection is of no account.
7.       Pros and cons (advantages and disadvantages)
You should carefully consider the pros and cons of this proposal.
8.       Palmy days (days of prosperity and glory)
I had many friends in my palmy days.
9.       To pay through the nose (to pay very dearly)
He picked a quarrel with his officer and he had to pay through       his nose.
10.   Pick holes in (to criticize; to show the faults)
Out of jealousy, he is trying to pick holes in the work done by you.
11.   To poke one’s nose (to meddle into others’ affairs)
Don’t poke your nose in my affairs.
12.   Play fast and loose (to act in an irresponsible manner)
Don’t play fast and loose with your friends.
13.   Point-blank (direct; without any qualification)
He denied point-blank that he had ever entered the house.
14.   Play ducks and drakes with (to squander)
Don’t play ducks and drakes with our hard-earned money.
15.   To pick a bone with (to blame)
You cannot pick a bone with me in this matter.
16.   To pull a long face (to look sad; to express disgust)
He pulled a long face on hearing the sad news of his failure.
17.   To pay off old scores (to take revenge)
He is bent upon paying off old scores.
18.   To play one’s trump card (to make the best of a chance)
A shrewd person knows how to play his trump card.
19.   Part and parcel (an essential part)
This book is a part and parcel of my library.
20.   To play one’s card well (to act judiciously)
He is a man of cool nerves and he always plays his cards well.

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