Wednesday, March 23, 2011

English Idioms - Taken Aback, Ups and Downs and Tide Over

English Idioms - Taken Aback, Ups and Downs and Tide Over

1.       To the marrow (completely)
He is honest to the marrow.
2.       Take a leap in the dark (to act in a rash manner)
He took a leap in the dark and suffered a heavy loss.
3.       To take to task (to admonish)
He took his servant to task for breaking the tea-pot.

4.       To be thick with someone (to be very intimate with a person)
Riaz is thick with Pervaiz now-a-days.
5.       A thin excuse (an convincing excuse)
The teacher refused to entertain his thin excuse.
6.       To take to heart (to feel intensely)
He has taken his son’s death to heart.
7.       Tide over (to overcome)
By dint of hard work, he succeeded in tiding over his difficulties.
8.       To coast is clear (danger is over)
When the watchman went away, the coast was clear and the thief took to his heels.
9.       A turning point (a great change)
The death of his mother was a turning-point in his life.
10.   A thankless job (a task without appreciation or reward).
Teaching has become a thankless job/task.
11.   To be taken aback (to be astonished)
He was taken aback at the news of her failure.
12.   Up to the hilt (completely)
He has promised to help me up to the hilt.
13.   Ups and downs (vicissitudes of fortune)
There are many ups and downs in life.
14.   Under a cloud (disgrace)
My son has been under a cloud since he crashed the car.
15.   With one’s back to the wall (desperately)
We are fighting with our backs to the wall to win the election.
16.   Work wonders (succeed remarkably)
The new principal has worked wonders at that college.
17.   With one voice (unanimously)\
The resolution was supported with one voice.
18.   A white lie (a falsehood justified by its motive)
All lies disgrace a gentleman, white or black.
19.   To win laurels (to win fame or success)
A man of parts can win laurels in life.
20.   With open arms (with warmth and enthusiasm)
The chief guest was received with open arms.

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