Saturday, March 26, 2011

IELTS Practice Test: Listening Section 4

IELTS Listening
Section – 4

Questions 1-10

Complete the summary below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer. 

The history of soap

In ancient times soap was used to clean 1 __________. Soap was not seen as a means of  personal hygiene until 2 _________times. Ancient people had little technology but many 3 were probably able to discover soap by chance. Soap was probably only used in 4 __________.societies. There is no evidence that tribespeople at the time of the British 5 __________. used soap. The history of soap has mostly been discovered from 6 __________.The earliest known use  of soap in 2500 Be was to wash 7 __________.The Egyptians made soap by mixing salts with oil taken from 8__________. The Romans saw washing themselves as a social activity.  They removed dirt using steam and a 9 __________.When Pompeii was excavated, they  discovered a 10 __________for making soap.

Answers1 clothing   2 modern   3 practical skills
4 wealthy   5 Iron Age   6 written texts   7 wool
8 vegetables   9 metal blade   10 soap factory

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