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IELTS Practice Tests: Academic Listening Section 3

Academic Listening
Section 3

Questions 1-3

Complete the sentences. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

1 Solar towers create energy from moving__________.
2 The first ever recorded use of this type of energy was in the__________.
3 The location of the first solar tower was__________.

Questions 4-8

Complete the flowchart. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

Solar tower flowchart
Towers are built using extra strong 4____________. At the bottom they have a sunlight collector made of 5 ____________
spread over a large area of ground.
The sunlight collector warms the air beneath it and operates in a similar way to a 6__________________________.
The air 7 __________.through the tower causing the turbines to turn.
The turbines create
8 _____________megawatts of electricity.

Questions 9 – 10

Circle TWO letters A-E.
What are TWO disadvantages of solar towers?

A they are too expensive to run
B heat escapes from the solar collector
C they require a great deal of land
D they cannot produce electricity at night
E they need to be able to withstand high winds

Answers: 1 (columns of) (hot) air
2 seventeenth/17th century  3 Spain  9 and 10 B, E in any order

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Anonymous said...

where are the notes of research?

NeoEnglish System said...

Email me and I will send you the notes for research. There is some problem going on in my website so I cannot upload. SEND me an EMAIL and I will send you the notes which you can share with other class fellows too.

Ali Raza said...

Anonymous said...

The answers to flow chart are not given?

Anonymous said...

some answers in the flow chat are not provided

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

answers to the question 4-7:

4 concrete
5 plastic
6 rises up
7 200

sadlemon said...

4 concrete
5 plastic
7 rises up
8 200

what is the answer of question 6?

Anonymous said...

6. green house

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this nice post. If you want to get maximum marks in IELTS Listening section than increase your practice for better IELTS Listening test preparation.

Anonymous said...

I think the answers is:-
4-very tall tower
6-green house
9- and 10- B+E

Anonymous said...

where is the recording

Unknown said...

Scott Donaldson said...

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