Monday, April 25, 2011

IELTS English Vocabulary - B

(noun) Equality, giving equal importance to. Example: 'A good essay should show balance, considering both sides of the argument.'
(adjective) Considering both sides, fair. Example: 'It is important to write a balanced argument when asked for an opinion.'

(verb) To make illegal. Example: 'Smoking in public places has been banned in many countries'.
(adjective) Cruel; uncivilised. Example: 'Many people believe that capital punishment is barbaric.'
(verb / idiom) Remember, consider. Example: 'Always bear in mind that you only have 40 minutes to complete Task II'.
BEHALF (on behalf of someone or something):
(preposition) For. For example: 'He thanked the guests for coming on my behalf as I had to leave early and couldn’t talk to everyone.'
(adjective) Useful, bringing advantages. Example: 'It is beneficial for IELTS candidates to spend some time studying before taking the test'.
(verb) Help, assist, do good for. For example: 'Eating healthily and taking regular exercise can benefit people who are overweight.'
(adjective) Without information; empty. Example: 'Answer all the questions in the IELTS test. Don't leave any blank spaces.'
(verb) Connect, link, build a relationship. For example: 'Human beings are naturally social and it is important for us to bond with the people around us.'
(verb) Think of all related ideas. Example: 'When trying to write Task II, you should brainstorm for ideas.
(adjective) Short, quick . Example: 'The meeting was brief as everyone was very busy'.
(adverb) Short, quickly. Example: 'He briefly looked at the essay but didn't read it in detail'.
(adjective) cheap, value for money. Example: 'Many young people on holiday stay in budget hotels or motels.
(noun) Main part, major part. For example: 'The bulk of the research has now been done, though we have a few small issues to finish before it is completed.'

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