Wednesday, June 1, 2011

25 Golden Principles of Success by The HOLY PROPHET (Peace Be Upon Him)

1.     To be Rich , become modest
2.     to be a scholar, become pious
3.     to be honorable , don’t beg
4.     to be a good man, benefit others

5.     to be a judge, choose for others what you think best for yourself
6.     to be powerful, rely on Allah
7.     to get company of Allah, remember him profusely
8.     to get livelihood, stay on ablution
9.     for acceptance of prayers, stay away from unlawful food
10. for completion of faith, adopt good manners
11. to be cleaned of sins on the day of judgment, take a bath
12. To lessen your evils, ask for forgiveness
13. To rise in light on the day of judgment, don’t oppress
14. for allah to be merciful onto you, be merciful onto others
15. for allah to conceal your sins, conceal the sins of others
16. to avoid disgrace, avoid adultery
17. to be the beloved of Allah and his prophet, love the beloveds of allah and his prophet
18. to be obedient of allah, follow obligations
19. to be benevolent, pray to allah as HE watches you or you watch HIM
20. What sets you away from sins is tears, humility and sickness
21. what cools the fire of hell, patience on the pains and troubles of world
22. what cools the wrath of Allah, giving alms and showing benevolence secretly
23. the greatest evil is bad manners and stinginess
24. the greatest good is good manners and hostness and patience
25. how to avoid the wrath of Allah, avoid your wrath on the fellow human beings.

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