Sunday, May 8, 2011

Change your Perspective to Learn English

There are many things you need to succeed in life. But I believe that first thing that you need is Perspective. Perspective in life and perspective in English Language Learning is vital to success. What is perspective? Perspective is a way of regarding situations. It means how you see life. It is the way you take life for. It is the lens through which you see life. Perspective means whether you think that life is good or bad, whether you believe that things and people around you are good or bad. Thus what stops you in life from making progressive is not what exists outside of you but what resides inside of you. It is your perspective that you keep on telling yourself that you cannot Learn English.
It is your mind and not your body that prevents you from learning English. You can think of good out of something that is bad. You can make out something pleasant out of something that is unpleasant. You can think of many things you don’t have but if you set your perspective right, you will start thinking positively and focus what you have rather than what you don’t have or further what you can do with what you have. Change your perspective to change your destiny. Even if the whole world says that you CANNOT LEARN ENGLISH, remember, that you cannot learn English is an opinion. Whatever the world says is an opinion and not a reality. Sometimes, this opinion comes from your own self that you cannot Learn English.  Whether it is your own opinion or the whole world’s opinion, it could be wrong. Why don’t you get a second opinion?

If you get a second opinion people will tell you that you can Learn English. It’s a lie to think that you are not good. You are very good in your own right. Focus on your good points as a learner of English. Do not think that you cannot learn English. If you have little vocabulary, that is fine. However, you must use whatever little vocabulary you have. If your grammar is weak, that is fine. However, use the little grammar you have and make some small sentences. Change you perspective and think that the little you have is also very important and powerful for your success.

Finally, think about the positive aspects of language learning, its benefits and its rewards. Get the ‘Negative’ out of your mind and start shouting from the rooftops that you can Learn English come what may!

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