Monday, May 9, 2011

One-Year Motivation Plan by NEO

Today NEO is starting a new One-Year Motivational Program in which you get one motivational each day continuously for 365 days - one full year. Motivation is important in life if you want to pursue your dreams and then achieve them. According to Anthony Robbins:

“There are two things that motivate us to success: Inspiration or Desperation".

Now if you haven't had any desperation in your life, you are lucky because you can get inspiration. The great masters of inspiration were all those who had desperation in their lives which drove them to be motivated for action but you can look at their lives and get motivation by their inspirational words rather than yourself being bogged down into desperation.

For real success, the first thing that you need is passion so we call motivational program 'Passion for Learning'. You are going to get your first tip today.

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