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Presentation Skills Training – with Mr. Naeem

“Communication and Presentation Skills are the key to Success in your Business and Job. In just two days, get ready to dramatically transform your Skills and create an Experience. You will build Confidence; kill Fear and move people to Action every time you communicate”


Imagine that the next time you have to give a presentation, you look comfortable. You look relaxed and feel confident. Why? Because you know that people will understand you and they will remember your message. They will take the action that you want them to take. That’s what we are going to teach you in this Communication and Presentation Skills (CPS) Workshop. This training is a must for all those professionals who play a key role in communicating and presenting messages in your organization. 

Background and Objectives

Most people usually speak and understand English in a few situations because they have studied basic grammar and vocabulary. But when it comes to inter-personal situations, networking events and receptions, they become nervous and lose confidence. The ability to communicate effectively in different social and academic situations is lacking in many of our students, teachers and professionals. Communication and Presentations Skills (CPS) has been designed with this issue in mind. The main objectives of the course are to:

  1. Understand Communication Skills as part of Social interaction.
  2. Present information effectively, logically and persuasively.
  3. Develop personality traits as part of an effective communicator and Public Speaker
My central and guiding focus is to constantly reinforce confidence in the participants by concentrating on what works about the individual. This workshop is a journey that begins by exploring the dynamics and techniques of effective interpersonal and public speaking resulting in full connection between presenting and relationship building.

Benefits of the Training

Participants will learn to:

1.      Present information effectively and persuasively
2.      Make better and effective presentations powerfully
3.      Implement latest technology including PowerPoint in Presentations
4.      Engage customers and establish relationship with the audience
5.      Kill nerves and Stage Fright.
6.      Use Body Language for Powerful Delivery
7.      Apply Power Vocabulary, Stress and Intonation

Who Should Attend it?

This training is a must for Marketing Managers, Customer Relationship Managers, Trainers, Media Persons and Teachers.

The Process of Training


NeoTraining will go past behavior and content coaching to help you enhance all sides of your communication-spoken and written. You will learn how to frame your message, what to put in it, how to simplify the complex and how to deliver it so they hear it, embrace it and act on it.  If what you do is driven by how you think, why waste the time getting up presenting about nonsense. As a Matter-of-fact, you will find your body language habits will automatically change as your thinking changes. That’s why, we begin with Theory and Lecture rather than direct practice.


The workshop is highly interactive and practical. You will be together with me in a small group of other people and we will work on these skills to develop. So, it is not listening to me giving the lecture all day long. It is going to be YOU. You will stand up and speak. We will videotape it and look at it to check how we can make it better. The only way to learn is to learn by doing. You cannot learn how to ride on a bike by watching a video or reading a book about it.  You can only learn it by riding it yourself. You may fall down, but you get up and ride again until you learn it. That’s what we do in our workshop.

You don’t listen to me all the time. Rather, you stand up and speak and we critique it and figure out what is working and what is not working? When we come to you for training, you are going to learn by doing. I am going to give you some tips, techniques and strategies but most of the time, it is YOU who will apply these things in the workshop. When you make the first speech; you seem a nervous wreck but we strategize it and improve it. Then you make another presentation, now you become aware of your mistakes so your second presentation is better. You are no more nervous, the skills have become a part of your personality.

That’s how the training goes. Now you are nervous about speaking but you will get rid of it after this workshop. You will be motivated and passionate about yourself and when you learn the workshop, you will find a good Speaking Model which is going to be YOU.

Why NeoTraining is different?

The most important difference is that we prepare you even before the training starts. We give you booklets, essential tools and listening materials which will help you prepare for your training. The more you are prepared for the training session, the more you benefit from it. Then you take the full action-packed Training Session. But after the session, we don’t say goodbye to you because it is just the beginning. We send you daily Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Presentation Lessons via SMS and we send you invitations for Free Trainings which you can attend when you have free time. This is where my training is different. Look at some of the things we are going to learn:

Using Nervousness and Fear to your advantage
Understanding Audience
Effective Content, Design and Delivery
Dynamics of Presentation
Psychology of Communication
Powerful Vocabulary for Presentations
Stress, Rhythm, Intonation and Power of Pause
Body Language for Maximum Impact
Using Technology, Visuals and PowerPoint
Controlling Question-Answer Sessions


1.      Greater confidence in presenting to groups.
2.      Vocal skills to engage your audience and connect to the message which you are delivering. 
3.      Develop a persuasive structure that you can deliver professionally and with authority. 
4.      Use of your body to support the message you are presenting. 
5.      Identify habitual tendencies and build on your current strengths.

The Trainer’s Profile

Mr. Naeem (CEO – Naeem Educational Organization)
Trainer and Language Consultant

Mr. Naeem is one of the certified linguistics trainers who has conducted highly inspiring and result-oriented workshops in an entertaining and empowering style. His purpose in life is to motivate teachers, professionals and students for maximum verbal output. His training programs are charged with motivation and passion. His major areas of expertise are Linguistics, Communication and Presentation Skills.


In order to book your workshop, email name, designation, organization, mobile number and email at:

or Call:  0334-4422594


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