Saturday, August 27, 2011

Teacher Training Workshop

An Action-Packed Five Hours’ Workshop with proven techniques to improve your teaching skills.  In this workshop, I am going to teach you how to manage class tactfully, make lesson plans effectively and take an activity-based approach to create fun and experience in class.


This is workshop is for young teachers of English in particular and Teachers of other subjects in general. If you are teaching at an English Medium School and you want to sharpen your Teaching Skills. This workshop is for you. Imagine that the next time you go into your class, you are charged with Passion and harnessed with Tools to make your class lesson a Memorable Event. Learn classroom and student-centered techniques. Imagine that your lesson planning is no more a burden, rather it becomes a tool for effective collaboration in class among you and your students.  This is the skill we are going to develop in you during this workshop.

Background and Objectives

Most teachers in Pakistan take teaching as a professional activity which must be conducted by the teacher in a given time. This teaching outlook mars their  and their attendees’ passion for learning. This is usually due to the misunderstood role of the modern teacher. The workshop has been designed to redefine The Role of Teacher and Equip him/her with the Necessary Teaching Skills so that he/she can confidently perform in class to bring a healthy change in the attendees, class, the school and ultimately in society.

Benefits of the Workshop

You will learn to:

1.      Create a Powerful Image as a Teacher
2.      Enhance yourself personally and professionally.
3.      Deal with difficult students in class
4.      Master latest teaching techniques with effective classroom control.
5.      Make powerful activity-based lesson plans
6.      Use your body for as a teaching tool
7.      Harness yourself with confidence

Who should attend it?

1.      English Medium School Teachers
2.      Young Teachers and Headmistresses,
3.      Aspiring Teachers

The Methodology

The workshop is highly interactive, practical and participatory. The workshop slightly deals with theories, but it mostly involves the participants in the teaching process. As a result, the participants learn all aspects of teaching from theory to practice. You will find yourself in a small group striving for professional development.  The main focus of the workshop is YOU. You won’t listen to me all the time lecturing rather, you are going to participate in exciting games, microteaching and learning simulations. After the training, you are going to become a Confident and Productive Teacher.

Why is NeoTraining Different?

The most obvious difference is that you mentally get prepared even before the training starts. The more you are prepared, the more you benefit from the Training Session. After the training, we don’t say good bye to you because it is just the beginning because:

1.      You receive Free Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Grammar and other Educational Tips via SMS to your number daily.
2.      You get invitation to Free Trainings in future.
3.      You get a Teacher Training Booklet FREE


1.      The Role of Modern Teacher
2.      Basic Teaching Strategies
3.      Effective Lesson Planning
4.      Classroom Management and Body Language for Teachers
5.      Activity-Based Teaching

The Trainer’s Profile

Mr. Naeem (CEO – Naeem Educational Organization)
Trainer and Language Consultant

Mr. Naeem is one of the certified linguistics trainers who has conducted highly inspiring and result-oriented workshops in an entertaining and empowering style. His purpose in life is to motivate teachers, professionals and students for maximum professional output. His training programs are charged with motivation and passion. His major areas of expertise are Communication Linguistics, Presentation Skills and Teacher Trainings. His clientage includes SKANS College of Accountancy, UMT, AusPak and many organizations to name a few.  


In order to book your workshop, email name, designation, organization, mobile number and email at:

or call:  0334-4422594 


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