Thursday, December 8, 2011

Coming Soon: NeoEnglish (SELF-STUDY Course with CDs, Software, AudioVideo Complete Training)

Mr. Naeem is a qualified Trainer. He has an MA English (ELT) with PGD-Linguistics. He has more than 15 years of Training Experience and has served in The Minhaj University, University of Management and Technology (UMT), LACAS, BeaconHouse School Systems  and SKANS College, Lahore. 
Mr. Naeem has produced more than 25 books on English Language, Literature and Linguistics. The present course starts with Motivation which builds your Confidence and later takes you into the  concepts of grammar, Spoken English, Vocabulary and Pronunciation. This course will train you to:
 Develop your Confidence
Learn Grammar and Syntax
Improve EveryDay Functional  English
Master English Topical Vocabulary
Crack the hard concepts of  English

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sir
My name is samu.This days i'm study your 100days book on English. i also want to ready Neo English.
You really do great work. infact our Pakistani generation need to train in second language which we called English. You do excellent work.
I also learn English to get commend on it.
And your Book is great help for me.
Plz tell me about ur NEO English where i can get it

Vocab Monk said...

Every day you hear or read many new English words. You also find them in your dictionary when you are translating from your own language. You can’t possibly learn all these new words, so your first problem is to decide which ones to concentrate on. helps you to learn new words and enhance your vocabulary by providing personalized sessions to the individuals.
Give a shot..!!

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