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The Art of Essay Writing

An Essay is a composition which has two main qualities. It gives the facts about the given topic and also the writer’s opinion about those facts. A composition is only a simple arrangement of facts. An essay gives expression to the writer’s mind as well as facts. Thus an essay is something personal. It bears the stamp or seal of the writer’spersonality. An essay is a piece of art. The artist’s personality Shines through his writing.
An essay has three parts on the whole list is;
  1. The beginning
  2. The middle
  3. The Ending
The beginning gives an .introduction of the subject in one or ,two paragraphs. The middle is the main body of the essay which deals with the main points of the topic. The ending gives the conclusion and the final judgment of the writer.

The Tricks of Writing an Essay

(a) The Beginning

An essay must have a strong and direct appeal. For this purpose, a beginning must have a certain approach. For example:
  • Begin your essay with a quotation on the subject and explain the quotation.
  • Begin your essay with a general statement and show the lines on which you are going to write.
  • Begin your essay with an apt joke or an anecdote on the topic. This will giveyour essay a happy tone and colour.
  • If the subject is so “vague that one cannot understand it, you must first give your own understanding or definition of the essay and then go on  with it.

(b) The Middle

The main body of the essay consists of a number of paragraphs. There must be a sense of continuity in the paragraphs. The essay is one big whole. So every paragraph as its part must follow the spirit of unity. The ideas of the paragraphs should not be disjointed. Every new paragraph must show some relationship with the last paragraph.

(c) The Ending

The essay must be finished properly. The final idea or ideas must be clear. There must be a sense of finish about the essay and the ending must be impressive like the beginning.


There are different types of essays. Each type must be treated properl.
1. Descriptive Essay: It describes a place or scene or some such other thing of interest. The writer also gives his personal opinion on the facts in the essay.
2. Narrative Essay: It deals with a story, incident, event or anecdote in this case, the, writer always uses the past tense because the event or incident belongs only to the past.
3. Reflective Essay: It deals with some problem. The writer has to express his own views on the subject.
4. Expository Essay: It is also like a reflective essay. But here the writer has only to explain some theory or fact objectively  without his personal likes or dislikes.

Some Golden Rules

  • The language of the essay must be simple and easy to understand.
  • Do not use difficult or bombastic words
  • Do not repeat  a fact or facts again and again. Do not use the same words time and again
  • Write clearly. Do not try to be vague
  • An essay is one big whole. So do not give headings to its paragraphs.
  • Write short and simple sentences only. A good writer is also idiomatic in his expression.

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