My name is Muhammad Naeem. I am a Freelance Language Consultant. I have an MA English (ELT) PGD-Linguistics. I am a teacher trainer and writer. I have served in Minhaj University, LACAS, American Lyceum, LGS and Beaconhouse. Now, I am teaching at a college in LAHORE-Pakistan. I am EAGER and PASSIONATE to bring my students into the twenty-first century using a unique combination of COMPREHENSIVE LANGUAGE LEARNING EXPERIENCE. I am a dynamic and challenging personality with special ability to motivate and communicate effectively with students. My main strengthens are: Spoken English, Written English, Applied Linguistics and Syllabus Design.
I am a results-oriented ESL teacher committed to inculcating A PASSION FOR LEARNING, creating awareness through teaching the fundamentals of the English language. A strong talent to develop and implement creative, hands-on curriculum that reaches every student’s learning style and ability, thus empowering students to succeed and realize their individual language goals. I am a trustworthy and approachable individual with excellent communication skills to cooperatively work with students, businessmen and teachers to meet their language, professional and exam needs. I have a long experience in teaching English Language, IELTS and exam related jobs. I assure you a guarantee to LEARN and SPEAK English like a professional once you take up my system.

Organisational Mission:
We are an Educational Organization and striving for the prevalence of English Language Literacy. We are currently operating in Lahore, Pakistan and will reach other major and far-flung areas of the world. NEO was established keeping in view of the current educational plight of the learners. NEO is managing educational services at two different places in Lahore. We hope that we impart our share in human-resource building.
NEO  is a Language and Educational Enterprise, established in 1997. It is a group of three professionally-trained and experienced teachers. NEO provides quality linguistic services at the door step of an individual, a firm or a school. The learners of English have to face many problems in Pakistan. There are many teachers and workers in schools, factories, firms and hospitals where they can't study English properly because they don't have either time to attend far-off classes or enough money to acquire this language.

Now, NEO makes learning possible in a group environment where students save both time and money and learn more. The enterprise aims to teach language skills such as Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking to both the students and teachers who might lack sufficient linguistic competency in their life. The prime objective of the enterprise is to develop communicative abilities in the students and provide quality language services ONLINE and via MOBILE in challenging context of present scientific, technological and practical world. Our mission is to build a nation with linguistically-trained human beings functionally effectively in society. We achieve this goal by humanizing our courses.

The following is the list of our prestigious publications written by Sir. Naeem

Advanced Communication Skills
Correction – An in-depth study of common errors
Person to Person
Active Vocabulary
The Communicative Grammar
The University Grammar & Composition
Mind Your Language
Minhaj English 4 (ME 4)
100 Days
Stepping Stone

Muhammad Naeem
Passionately yours
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