Spoken English Online: 
Online Learning has become a popular method of education for Language Learning and IELTS Preparation with the use of interactive technologies. Now you don’t need to worry about a competent teacher if you cannot find him, you can simply take online classes at your convenience. NeoEnglish System also provides ONLINE Classes. We have state-of-the-art WEB 2.0 Applications through which you can have lectures in REAL TIME. NEO uses a revolutionary Web 2.0 PLATFORM where teachers and learners can collaborate in synchronous and asynchronous mode communicating in real time. It also has a powerful Virtual Classroom with a host of features like:

  1. Whiteboard
  2. Audio, Video and PowerPoint Support.
  3. Real Time Conferencing
  4. Document, Audio and Video Sharing
  5. Tests, Listening and Speaking Practice

Study IELTS Online: 
Our IELTS online classes cover all the modules of the test. IELTS falls in the Intermediate Level of Cambridge English Studies so IELTS is technical and requires much more attention. There are FOUR papers in IELTS:

IELTS Listening Section: The lessons in the listening section teach you how to listen attentively and answer each of the different question types  with step-by-step advice on how to practice. You will learn what the Listening test is all about – what sort of questions and format to expect in the test and the examiner’s tips. Also include proven techniques to improve your listening skills for IELTS. 

IELTS Reading Section: The lessons in the Reading section will teach you how to comprehend different types of reading texts and find information quickly and efficiently. It also provides you complete knowledge of the exact question types and how to answer them.  Examiner’s tips and how to practice section will sharpen your reading skills.

IELTS Writing Section: The writing lessons focus on improving the writing skills you will need in the test and give you an understanding of marking criteria and how to plan your writing. Effective Writing strategies and techniques to dramatically improve your band.

IELTS Speaking Section: The Speaking lessons focus on the specific parts of the IELTS Speaking test  and teaches you how to respond with confidence and with out hesitation. How to overcome shyness while speaking English .Also includes examiner’s tips and how to practice for speaking test at home.  It gives you a clear understanding of the types of questions in the IELTS Speaking test.

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